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  Welcome to one of the finest Home Study Correspondence Driver Education Courses in the nation. We are proud of this course as it is based on knowledge gained in teaching well over a half a million people for the past 52 years-many of them teenagers. The full cost for this excellent comprehensive course is only $85.00, and that includes two textbooks, which are yours to keep, a great addition to your library.

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  The first book, "License to Drive" is the most complete comprehensive driver-training textbook on the market today.   It is comprised of over 525-pages; 321 pictures; 269 diagrams; all in color, easy reading, and presented in a logical manner. Students enjoy reading this textbook because it is so easy to study and yet very thorough.

  To give you an idea of how comprehensive this book is we listed below eight of the 21 chapters of very important information you need to be a good driver.

(A) Chapter 2 - Defensive Driving (managing time, space, and visibility).

(B) Chapter 5 - Vehicle Operation of Basics: ("steering," "backing-up," "parking").

(6) Chapter 6 - Speed Control: (negotiating curves and braking, etc.).

(D) Chapter 8 - Intersections and right of way - very valuable.

(E) Chapter 9 - Turning (left turns, right turns - reversing U-turns).

(F) Chapter 10- City Driving: (lane positioning, passing, driving environment).

(G) Chapter 12- Freeway Driving: ("entering freeways," "exiting freeways," "dangers to watch for").

(H) Chapter 17- Emergencies (blow outs, flat tires, mechanical failures, skids, etc.).

And 13 other very important and interesting chapters .

  In addition, throughout the book there are several "Whose at fault"?   which gives driving situations when two or more cars are involved in an accident and the student must decide who is at fault, why, was there any contributory negligence, etc.   These are very educational! This book retails for $40.00; and the second book is a "Student Workbook" which has a price of $20.00, for a total of $60.00 for both books. These are included in the $85.00 registration fee.  

  With our Correspondence Course you have the convenience of studying at home (no long all day trips to a classroom); study at your own   pace,   going as rapidly or slowly as you wish.   You can take your test online as you study,   and receive   immediate feedback on your score.  

  On completion of your Driver Education Course, you will be mailed a Department of Motor Vehicle's "Certificate of Completion" which qualifies you to take your written test at the Department of Motor Vehicle's for your Learner's Permit .  

  To enroll as a new student in our Home Study Driver Education Course,   click on the registration button below.   This will allow you to enroll online.   Just fill out the "user registration," (You can pay on line with your credit card),   and within 48 hours, we will mail your course package, as well as your personal   I.D.

  Congratulations! You have just completed the first step to obtaining your new California Driver's License.   (Note: If you have   any questions about this course or wish to enroll by check, call our Driver Education Department at   (323) 767-2001).

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